<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<standings country="England" timestamp="26.02.2019 09:52:56">
  <tournament league="Premier League" season="2018/2019" round="27" stage_id="12041081" gid="1204" is_current="True" id="1204">
    <team position="1" status="same" name="Liverpool" id="9249" recent_form="DWDDW">
      <overall gp="27" w="20" d="6" l="1" gs="59" ga="15" />
      <home gp="13" w="11" d="2" l="0" gs="35" ga="7" />
      <away gp="14" w="9" d="4" l="1" gs="24" ga="8" />
      <total gd="+44" p="66" />
      <description value="Promotion - Champions League (Group Stage)" />
    <team position="2" status="same" name="Manchester City" id="9259" recent_form="WWWLW">
      <overall gp="27" w="21" d="2" l="4" gs="74" ga="20" />
      <home gp="14" w="13" d="0" l="1" gs="49" ga="11" />
      <away gp="13" w="8" d="2" l="3" gs="25" ga="9" />
      <total gd="+54" p="65" />
      <description value="Promotion - Champions League (Group Stage)" />
    <team position="3" status="same" name="Tottenham" id="9406" recent_form="LWWWW">
      <overall gp="27" w="20" d="0" l="7" gs="55" ga="27" />
      <home gp="13" w="9" d="0" l="4" gs="24" ga="12" />
      <away gp="14" w="11" d="0" l="3" gs="31" ga="15" />
      <total gd="+28" p="60" />
      <description value="Promotion - Champions League (Group Stage)" />
    <team position="4" status="same" name="Arsenal" id="9002" recent_form="WWLWW">
      <overall gp="27" w="16" d="5" l="6" gs="55" ga="37" />
      <home gp="14" w="11" d="2" l="1" gs="30" ga="11" />
      <away gp="13" w="5" d="3" l="5" gs="25" ga="26" />
      <total gd="+18" p="53" />
      <description value="Promotion - Champions League (Group Stage)" />
    <team position="5" status="same" name="Manchester Utd" id="9260" recent_form="DWWDW">
      <overall gp="27" w="15" d="7" l="5" gs="52" ga="35" />
      <home gp="13" w="7" d="5" l="1" gs="25" ga="16" />
      <away gp="14" w="8" d="2" l="4" gs="27" ga="19" />
      <total gd="+17" p="52" />
      <description value="Promotion - Europa League (Group Stage)" />
    <team position="6" status="same" name="Chelsea" id="9092" recent_form="LWLLW">
      <overall gp="26" w="15" d="5" l="6" gs="45" ga="29" />
      <home gp="13" w="8" d="4" l="1" gs="26" ga="9" />
      <away gp="13" w="7" d="1" l="5" gs="19" ga="20" />
      <total gd="+16" p="50" />
      <description value="Promotion - Europa League (Qualification)" />
    <team position="7" status="same" name="Watford" id="9423" recent_form="WWDLD">
      <overall gp="27" w="11" d="7" l="9" gs="39" ga="35" />
      <home gp="13" w="6" d="2" l="5" gs="17" ga="18" />
      <away gp="14" w="5" d="5" l="4" gs="22" ga="17" />
      <total gd="+4" p="40" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="8" status="same" name="Wolves" id="9446" recent_form="DDWWW">
      <overall gp="27" w="11" d="7" l="9" gs="35" ga="34" />
      <home gp="14" w="6" d="3" l="5" gs="20" ga="19" />
      <away gp="13" w="5" d="4" l="4" gs="15" ga="15" />
      <total gd="+1" p="40" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="9" status="same" name="West Ham" id="9427" recent_form="WDDLL">
      <overall gp="27" w="10" d="6" l="11" gs="35" ga="40" />
      <home gp="14" w="6" d="3" l="5" gs="21" ga="20" />
      <away gp="13" w="4" d="3" l="6" gs="14" ga="20" />
      <total gd="-5" p="36" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="10" status="same" name="Bournemouth" id="9053" recent_form="DLLWW">
      <overall gp="27" w="10" d="4" l="13" gs="38" ga="48" />
      <home gp="14" w="7" d="4" l="3" gs="26" ga="18" />
      <away gp="13" w="3" d="0" l="10" gs="12" ga="30" />
      <total gd="-10" p="34" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="11" status="same" name="Everton" id="9158" recent_form="LLLWL">
      <overall gp="27" w="9" d="6" l="12" gs="36" ga="39" />
      <home gp="14" w="6" d="3" l="5" gs="21" ga="21" />
      <away gp="13" w="3" d="3" l="7" gs="15" ga="18" />
      <total gd="-3" p="33" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="12" status="same" name="Leicester" id="9240" recent_form="LLLDL">
      <overall gp="27" w="9" d="5" l="13" gs="32" ga="38" />
      <home gp="13" w="4" d="2" l="7" gs="14" ga="17" />
      <away gp="14" w="5" d="3" l="6" gs="18" ga="21" />
      <total gd="-6" p="32" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="13" status="same" name="Crystal Palace" id="9127" recent_form="WDWDL">
      <overall gp="27" w="8" d="6" l="13" gs="31" ga="35" />
      <home gp="13" w="3" d="4" l="6" gs="9" ga="12" />
      <away gp="14" w="5" d="2" l="7" gs="22" ga="23" />
      <total gd="-4" p="30" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="14" status="same" name="Burnley" id="9072" recent_form="WWDDD">
      <overall gp="27" w="8" d="6" l="13" gs="31" ga="48" />
      <home gp="13" w="5" d="2" l="6" gs="17" ga="23" />
      <away gp="14" w="3" d="4" l="7" gs="14" ga="25" />
      <total gd="-17" p="30" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="15" status="same" name="Newcastle" id="9287" recent_form="WDLWW">
      <overall gp="27" w="7" d="7" l="13" gs="24" ga="34" />
      <home gp="14" w="5" d="1" l="8" gs="14" ga="18" />
      <away gp="13" w="2" d="6" l="5" gs="10" ga="16" />
      <total gd="-10" p="28" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="16" status="same" name="Brighton" id="9065" recent_form="LDLLL">
      <overall gp="26" w="7" d="6" l="13" gs="28" ga="39" />
      <home gp="13" w="5" d="4" l="4" gs="16" ga="15" />
      <away gp="13" w="2" d="2" l="9" gs="12" ga="24" />
      <total gd="-11" p="27" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="17" status="same" name="Cardiff" id="9083" recent_form="LWWLL">
      <overall gp="27" w="7" d="4" l="16" gs="25" ga="52" />
      <home gp="14" w="5" d="2" l="7" gs="16" ga="28" />
      <away gp="13" w="2" d="2" l="9" gs="9" ga="24" />
      <total gd="-27" p="25" />
      <description value="" />
    <team position="18" status="same" name="Southampton" id="9363" recent_form="LLDDW">
      <overall gp="27" w="5" d="9" l="13" gs="28" ga="46" />
      <home gp="13" w="2" d="6" l="5" gs="15" ga="21" />
      <away gp="14" w="3" d="3" l="8" gs="13" ga="25" />
      <total gd="-18" p="24" />
      <description value="Relegation - Championship" />
    <team position="19" status="same" name="Fulham" id="9175" recent_form="LLLWL">
      <overall gp="27" w="4" d="5" l="18" gs="26" ga="61" />
      <home gp="13" w="4" d="3" l="6" gs="17" ga="26" />
      <away gp="14" w="0" d="2" l="12" gs="9" ga="35" />
      <total gd="-35" p="17" />
      <description value="Relegation - Championship" />
    <team position="20" status="same" name="Huddersfield" id="9220" recent_form="LLLLL">
      <overall gp="27" w="2" d="5" l="20" gs="14" ga="50" />
      <home gp="14" w="1" d="2" l="11" gs="6" ga="22" />
      <away gp="13" w="1" d="3" l="9" gs="8" ga="28" />
      <total gd="-36" p="11" />
      <description value="Relegation - Championship" />

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