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FC Aarau
Team Name: FC Aarau
Country: Switzerland
Founded: 1902
FC Aarau Squad
PlayerName Position Nationality Age
Mall Joel Goalkeeper Switzerland 25
Sascha Studer Goalkeeper Switzerland 25
Andre Goncalves Defender Switzerland 24
Damir Dzombic Defender Bosnia-Herzegovina 31
Giuseppe Rapisarda Defender Switzerland 31
Michael Ludascher Defender Switzerland 28
Samuel Huber Defender Switzerland 27
Artur Ionita Midfielder Moldova 26
David Marazzi Midfielder Switzerland 32
Emir Sinanovic Midfielder Switzerland 28
Michele Polverino Midfielder Liechtenstein 32
Sandro Burki Midfielder Switzerland 31
Tobias Muller Midfielder Switzerland 27
Aco Stojkov Attacker Macedonia FYR 33
Patrick Alphonse Bengondo Attacker Cameroon 35
Samel Sabanovic Attacker Montenegro 33
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