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<match date="Feb 02, 2019" timezone="EST" status="After Over Time" time="1:00 PM" timer="" formatted_date="2.02.2019" id="24995">
  <hometeam name="Philadelphia Flyers" p1="1" p2="1" p3="2" ot="1" so="" totalscore="5" id="1027" />
  <awayteam name="Edmonton Oilers" p1="2" p2="1" p3="1" ot="0" so="" totalscore="4" id="1139" />
      <event team="hometeam" min="3:10" player="Sean Couturier" assist="Jakub Voracek, Claude Giroux" goal_type="pp" home_score="1" away_score="0" player_id="2562601" assist_id1="3781" assist_id2="3775" />
      <event team="awayteam" min="8:03" player="Ty Rattie" assist="Milan Lucic" goal_type="reg" home_score="1" away_score="1" player_id="2563082" assist_id1="3780" assist_id2="" />
      <event team="awayteam" min="17:33" player="Connor McDavid" assist="Zack Kassian, Jujhar Khaira" goal_type="reg" home_score="1" away_score="2" player_id="3895074" assist_id1="5194" assist_id2="3068670" />
      <event team="awayteam" min="8:19" player="Adam Larsson" assist="Kevin Gravel, Connor McDavid" goal_type="reg" home_score="1" away_score="3" player_id="2562610" assist_id1="3025602" assist_id2="3895074" />
      <event team="hometeam" min="16:54" player="Claude Giroux" assist="Shayne Gostisbehere, Jakub Voracek" goal_type="pp" home_score="2" away_score="3" player_id="3775" assist_id1="3025662" assist_id2="3781" />
      <event team="awayteam" min="4:07" player="Zack Kassian" assist="" goal_type="shd" home_score="2" away_score="4" player_id="5194" assist_id1="" assist_id2="" />
      <event team="hometeam" min="4:34" player="Travis Konecny" assist="Oskar Lindblom, Sean Couturier" goal_type="pp" home_score="3" away_score="4" player_id="3900169" assist_id1="3151326" assist_id2="2562601" />
      <event team="hometeam" min="11:02" player="Wayne Simmonds" assist="Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek" goal_type="pp" home_score="4" away_score="4" player_id="3817" assist_id1="3775" assist_id2="3781" />
      <event team="hometeam" min="2:01" player="Nolan Patrick" assist="James van Riemsdyk, Travis Sanheim" goal_type="reg" home_score="5" away_score="4" player_id="4233544" assist_id1="3822" assist_id2="3114757" />
      <player name="S. Couturier" pos="C" goals="1" assists="1" pp_goals="1" pp_assists="1" sh_goals="0" sh_assists="0" plus_minus="0" shots_on_goal="1" missed_shots="2" blocked_shots="0"
              penalties="0" penalty_minutes="0" hits="0" takeaways="0" giveaways="0" shitfs="33" time_on_ice="21:13" power_play="2:30" short_handed_time_on_id="3:15" even_strength_time_on_ice="15:28" 
              faceoffs_won="9" faceoffs_lost="7" faceoffs_pct="56.3" id="2562601" />
      <player name="C. Giroux" pos="LW" goals="1" assists="2" pp_goals="1" pp_assists="2" sh_goals="0" sh_assists="0" plus_minus="-1" shots_on_goal="5" missed_shots="1" blocked_shots="0" penalties="0" 
              penalty_minutes="0" hits="0" takeaways="0" giveaways="1" shitfs="28" time_on_ice="24:50" power_play="6:23" short_handed_time_on_id="2:26" even_strength_time_on_ice="16:01" faceoffs_won="15" 
              faceoffs_lost="9" faceoffs_pct="62.5" id="3775" />
      <player name="T. Konecny" pos="C" goals="1" assists="0" pp_goals="1" pp_assists="0" sh_goals="0" sh_assists="0" plus_minus="-1" shots_on_goal="1" missed_shots="1" blocked_shots="2" penalties="0" 
              penalty_minutes="0" hits="4" takeaways="0" giveaways="0" shitfs="21" time_on_ice="16:31" power_play="1:18" short_handed_time_on_id="0:00" even_strength_time_on_ice="15:13" faceoffs_won="0" 
              faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="0.0" id="3900169" />
      <player name="S. Laughton" pos="C" goals="0" assists="0" pp_goals="0" pp_assists="0" sh_goals="0" sh_assists="0" plus_minus="-1" shots_on_goal="1" missed_shots="1" blocked_shots="0" penalties="1" 
              penalty_minutes="2" hits="2" takeaways="3" giveaways="0" shitfs="25" time_on_ice="16:21" power_play="0:00" short_handed_time_on_id="1:50" even_strength_time_on_ice="14:31" faceoffs_won="1" 
              faceoffs_lost="6" faceoffs_pct="14.3" id="2976848" />
      <player name="O. Lindblom" pos="LW" goals="0" assists="1" pp_goals="0" pp_assists="1" sh_goals="0" sh_assists="0" plus_minus="-1" shots_on_goal="3" missed_shots="1" blocked_shots="0" penalties="0" 
              penalty_minutes="0" hits="0" takeaways="0" giveaways="0" shitfs="22" time_on_ice="13:19" power_play="2:15" short_handed_time_on_id="3:10" even_strength_time_on_ice="7:54" faceoffs_won="0" 
              faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="0.0" id="3151326" />
      <player name="N. Patrick" pos="C" goals="1" assists="0" pp_goals="0" pp_assists="0" sh_goals="0" sh_assists="0" plus_minus="0" shots_on_goal="3" missed_shots="1" blocked_shots="0" penalties="0" 
              penalty_minutes="0" hits="0" takeaways="1" giveaways="0" shitfs="22" time_on_ice="17:45" power_play="1:18" short_handed_time_on_id="0:00" even_strength_time_on_ice="16:27" faceoffs_won="6" 
              faceoffs_lost="8" faceoffs_pct="42.9" id="4233544" />

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<scores sport="hockey">
  <category name="Russia: KHL" id="1002" file_group="1002-scores">
    <match date="22.02.2019" timezone="UTC" status="After Penalties" time="11:30" timer="" formatted_date="22.02.2019" id="426057">
      <hometeam name="Kunlun" p1="1" p2="1" p3="0" ot="0" so="0" totalscore="2" id="5996" />
      <awayteam name="Barys Astana" p1="1" p2="0" p3="1" ot="0" so="1" totalscore="3" id="1134" />
          <event team="awayteam" min="04:08" player="Petukhov Yegor" assist="" goal_type="sh" home_score="0" away_score="1" player_id="18590" assist_id1="" assist_id2="" />
          <event team="hometeam" min="09:04" player="Shore Drew" assist="Savinainen Veli-Matti,Wolski Wojtek" goal_type="pp" home_score="1" away_score="1" player_id="33671" assist_id1="21135" assist_id2="17297" />
          <event team="hometeam" min="24:39" player="Wolski Wojtek" assist="" goal_type="pp" home_score="2" away_score="1" player_id="17297" assist_id1="" assist_id2="" />
          <event team="awayteam" min="41:01" player="Petersson Andre" assist="Cormier Patrice,Semyonov Maxim" goal_type="reg" home_score="2" away_score="2" player_id="22366" assist_id1="31193" assist_id2="11032" />
          <penalty team="awayteam" min="03:02" player="Boyd Dustin" reason="2 Minutes for High Sticking" player_id="17650" />
          <penalty team="hometeam" min="04:48" player="Yip Brandon" reason="2 Minutes for Interference" player_id="26926" />
          <penalty team="awayteam" min="08:41" player="Dietz Darren" reason="2 Minutes for Cross Checking" player_id="27268" />
          <penalty team="hometeam" min="15:15" player="Squires Greg" reason="2 Minutes for High Sticking" player_id="26930" />
      <team_stats />
          <player name="Victor Bartley" pos="D" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="-1" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="0" shots_on_pct="" blocked_shots="0" penalty_minutes="2" 
                  hits="0" shifts="28" time_on_ice="21:45" fouls_against="1" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="32057" />
          <player name="Ville Lajunen" pos="D" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="-1" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="3" shots_on_pct="0.0" blocked_shots="1" penalty_minutes="0" 
                  hits="0" shifts="29" time_on_ice="21:22" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="18774" />
          <player name="Sam Lofquist" pos="D" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="0" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="2" shots_on_pct="0.0" blocked_shots="1" penalty_minutes="0" 
                  hits="0" shifts="25" time_on_ice="22:07" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="24853" />
          <player name="Blake Parlett" pos="D" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="-1" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="0" shots_on_pct="" blocked_shots="1" penalty_minutes="0" 
                  hits="0" shifts="30" time_on_ice="23:20" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="23618" />
          <player name="Mikael Tam" pos="D" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="0" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="4" shots_on_pct="0.0" blocked_shots="0" penalty_minutes="0" 
                  hits="0" shifts="18" time_on_ice="11:54" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="27220" />
          <player name="Zach Yuen" pos="D" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="0" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="0" shots_on_pct="" blocked_shots="0" penalty_minutes="0" 
                  hits="0" shifts="13" time_on_ice="7:56" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="25253" />
          <player name="Joonas Jarvinen" pos="D" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="0" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="6" shots_on_pct="0.0" blocked_shots="2" penalty_minutes="2" 
                  hits="1" shifts="23" time_on_ice="22:55" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="22365" />
          <player name="Wojtek Wolski" pos="F" goals="1" assists="1" plus_minus="-1" pp_goals="1" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="7" shots_on_pct="14.3" blocked_shots="1" penalty_minutes="0" 
                  hits="1" shifts="25" time_on_ice="22:31" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="0" faceoffs_lost="0" faceoffs_pct="" id="17297" />
          <player name="Rudi Ying" pos="F" goals="0" assists="0" plus_minus="0" pp_goals="0" sh_goals="0" shots_on_goal="0" shots_on_pct="" blocked_shots="0" penalty_minutes="0" hits="0" 
                  shifts="8" time_on_ice="5:19" fouls_against="0" faceoffs_won="6" faceoffs_lost="4" faceoffs_pct="66.7" id="25198" />
          <player name="Tomi Karhunen" shots_against="0" goals_against="0" saves="0" saves_pct="" time_on_ice="0" penalty_minutes="0" credit="" id="18932" />
          <player name="Alexander Lazushin" shots_against="40" goals_against="2" saves="38" saves_pct="95.0" time_on_ice="64:55" penalty_minutes="0" credit="L" id="14674" />
          <player name="Dominik Hrachovina" shots_against="34" goals_against="2" saves="32" saves_pct="94.1" time_on_ice="65:00" penalty_minutes="0" credit="W" id="31049" />
          <player name="Henrik Karlsson" shots_against="0" goals_against="0" saves="0" saves_pct="" time_on_ice="0" penalty_minutes="0" credit="" id="22093" />

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<match date="22.02.2019" time="00:00" timer="" status="Finished" fix_id="471344" id="392065">
	<localteam name="Niagara IceDogs" totalscore="10" id="3373" />
	<awayteam name="Kitchener Rangers" totalscore="2" id="3359" />
		<firstperiod score="4 - 1">
			<event team="localteam" min="02:33" player="K. Maksimov" playerid="6380" assist="D. Hunter,D. Bukac" assistid="21810,14966" comment="" result="[1 - 0]" type="goal" />
			<event team="localteam" min="04:22" player="J. Studnicka" playerid="6389" assist="M. Brassard,J. Robertson" assistid="10236,2215" comment="Powerplay" result="[2 - 0]" type="goal" />
			<event team="awayteam" min="13:30" player="G. Dickerson" playerid="50568" assist="J. Serpa,J. Garreffa" assistid="50965,13776" comment="" result="[2 - 1]" type="goal" />
			<event team="localteam" min="16:16" player="K. Sopa" playerid="34035" assist="" assistid="1016" comment="" result="[3 - 1]" type="goal" />
			<event team="localteam" min="19:46" player="J. Studnicka" playerid="6389" assist="M. Brassard,A. Thomas" assistid="10236,21103" comment="Powerplay" result="[4 - 1]" type="goal" />
		<secondperiod score="3 - 0">
			<event team="localteam" min="02:46" player="J. Studnicka" playerid="6389" assist="B. Jones,J. Robertson" assistid="1023,2215" comment="Powerplay" result="[5 - 1]" type="goal" />
			<event team="localteam" min="18:03" player="J. Studnicka" playerid="6389" assist="" assistid="1016" comment="Shorthanded" result="[6 - 1]" type="goal" />
			<event team="localteam" min="18:37" player="A. Thomas" playerid="21103" assist="J. Schaefer,O. Castleman" assistid="17572,20388" comment="" result="[7 - 1]" type="goal" />
		<thirdperiod score="3 - 1">
			<event team="localteam" min="00:31" player="K. Maksimov" playerid="6380" assist="B. Jones" assistid="1023" comment="Shorthanded" result="[8 - 1]" type="goal" />
			<event team="localteam" min="14:12" player="O. Castleman" playerid="20388" assist="J. Paquette,A. Thomas" assistid="2173,21103" comment="" result="[9 - 1]" type="goal" />
			<event team="localteam" min="15:26" player="K. Sopa" playerid="34035" assist="B. Johnson" assistid="7709" comment="" result="[10 - 1]" type="goal" />
			<event team="awayteam" min="19:35" player="J. MacPherson" playerid="25353" assist="G. Meireles" assistid="20385" comment="" result="[10 - 2]" type="goal" />
		<overtime score=""></overtime>
		<penalties score=""></penalties>

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