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<match contestID="84420" date="3.02.2019" timezone="EST" status="Final" time="6:30 PM" timer="" formatted_date="3.02.2019">
	<hometeam name="Los Angeles Rams" drive="" ball_on="" q1="0" q2="0" q3="3" q4="0" ot="" totalscore="3" number="0" id="5117" />
	<awayteam name="New England Patriots" drive="" ball_on="" q1="0" q2="3" q3="0" q4="10" ot="" totalscore="13" number="0" id="1681" />
			<event team="awayteam" min="10:29" player="Stephen Gostkowski 42 Yd Field Goal" type="FG" home_score="0" away_score="3" player_id="2980080" />
			<event team="hometeam" min="2:11" player="Greg Zuerlein 53 Yd Field Goal" type="FG" home_score="3" away_score="3" player_id="2980100" />
			<event team="awayteam" min="7:00" player="Sony Michel 2 Yd Run (Stephen Gostkowski Kick)" type="TD" home_score="3" away_score="10" player_id="3128721" />
			<event team="awayteam" min="1:12" player="Stephen Gostkowski 41 Yd Field Goal" type="FG" home_score="3" away_score="13" player_id="2980080" />
			<first_downs total="14" passing="11" rushing="2" from_penalties="1" third_down_efficiency="3-13" fourth_down_efficiency="0-0" />
			<plays total="60" />
			<yards total="260" yards_per_play="12" total_drives="4.3" />
			<passing total="198" comp_att="19-38" yards_per_pass="4.7" interceptions_thrown="1" sacks_yards_lost="4-31" />
			<rushings total="62" attempts="18" yards_per_rush="3.4" />
			<red_zone made_att="0-0" />
			<penalties total="9-65" />
			<turnovers total="1" lost_fumbles="0" interceptions="1" />
			<posession total="26:50" />
			<interceptions total="1" />
			<fumbles_recovered total="0" />
			<sacks total="1" />
			<safeties total="0" />
			<int_touchdowns total="0" />
			<points_against total="13" />
			<first_downs total="22" passing="12" rushing="6" from_penalties="4" third_down_efficiency="3-12" fourth_down_efficiency="0-1" />
			<plays total="68" />
			<yards total="407" yards_per_play="13" total_drives="6.0" />
			<passing total="253" comp_att="21-35" yards_per_pass="7.0" interceptions_thrown="1" sacks_yards_lost="1-9" />
			<rushings total="154" attempts="32" yards_per_rush="4.8" />
			<red_zone made_att="1-1" />
			<penalties total="3-20" />
			<turnovers total="1" lost_fumbles="0" interceptions="1" />
			<posession total="33:10" />
			<interceptions total="1" />
			<fumbles_recovered total="0" />
			<sacks total="4" />
			<safeties total="0" />
			<int_touchdowns total="0" />
			<points_against total="3" />

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